Bumble Bee Costume

Bumble bee costume is one of the latest outfits and has become very popular at parties in UK. The yellow and black outfits seem to be very attractive on eyes and this dress will be the great outfit for Halloween parties.

Perhaps, there are ‘n’ numbers of bumble bee Halloween costumes along with bows that are available online with many specifications from our foreverfancy site, select the one that suits you the best.

Bumble Bee Costume

Here I have included two types of bumble bee fancy dress that you can select for parties generally. Have a glance at it and choose the one that suits you:

1) The Classic Bumble Bee Costumes

This costume can be worn by women, girls and kids. They usually come in furry black and yellow color. The black and yellow combination suits for everyone no matter what natural shade you are in. These kinds of dress suits best in Halloween parties, or for the parties during the winter season of the year, and it also can suite in normal summer season.

2) The Honey Bee Costumes

This type of Bumble bee outfits is strictly for women and not for girls or kids usually. It can also be called as the adult bumblebee costume. The honey bee outfit is designed usually based on yellow and black striped top with a petticoat skirt. There are number of accessories you can add to this costume, such as headband, pair of wings and striped stockings; however there are also many varieties of accessories that you can buy along with honey bee outfits. For example honey handbag and a pair of black patent shoes.

While wearing a bumble bee outfit, make sure that the belt is wider than the stripes that are attached to the tops. To make it more natural and funny you can also wear an antenna headband or wings along with your costume. You can also make your own set of wings for your bumble bee costume. To make a set of wings you can simply use wires.

Here is how to make honey bee wings by just using wires, initially you need to fold the wire into oval shape or you can fold into heart shaped wings and then coat the wire with a golden satin. Now that is all you need to and you have made an amazing combination of black and gold color wings. This costume that is in your hand not only suits for your Halloween party but you can make use of it for all kind of parties.

If you wish to wear a full length gown as your bumble bee Halloween Party wear then you can attach long aerial skirts along with your costume and make sure that your skirt is made up of satin. If you want to add more mysticism you can add black lace along with it.

Either you choose the Honey Bee Costume or the Classic bumble bee costumes; you need to first get our Forever Fancy Ladies Mesh Insert Bumble Bee Costume at a very cheap price from our site.

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