Disco Fancy Dress

Get to know the Agia Napa nightlife


Going on holiday is a brilliant way to wind down, relax and reset yourself for what lies ahead. Alternatively it can be a chance to party. Nobody knows you abroad which gives you a chance to do stuff that maybe you would not normally. I personally have a ritual of making sure my first night out on the town is in dress up. There have been years where mermaid fancy dress or st trinians fancy dress was my go to choice, but last year I even tried rocking a goldilocks fancy dress costume. The night went down a treat. Great memories were made with good people. More good times I say!

So where are you off to this year, or maybe next year on your holidays? Fancy some disco inferno fancy dress madness or even getting down and naughty in bride fancy dress?  Whether you have your sights set on Agia Napa or sunny Bulgaria, any club destination will accommodate fancy dress themed holiday makers filling their clubs with madness and fun times. So prepare in advance, source and pack your daphne fancy dress and get ready to explore new surroundings, glam up your second night with some glam rock fancy dress and swing for fences with cheap alcohol and New York Yankee inspired baseball fancy dress outfits on the third night. Woohoo! Getting excited yet?

As you can probably tell by now I am absolutely crazy about dressing up when I am away on holiday. For those few hours I can be whoever or whatever I want to be. Identity and expectations have no relevance. I can scramble from bar to bar in my lara croft fancy dress one night and dance the night away the next in my dancing queen fancy dress gear.

I am lucky enough to have a Greek heritage and have uncles and aunties living out in sunny Cyprus, home of possibly the number one club destination in Europe, Agia Napa. The club scene out here is just on another level. Away from the picturesque Nissi beach, where sky blue warm water calmly reflects the glorious sun rays on to your tanning figure, come 8pm the clubs begin to open and the main club strip pathway in the centre of town begins to fill. The abba costumes and supergirl fancy dress outfits won’t be seen until after 11pm when all the unsuspecting families have finished their meals in the great selection of restaurants found in the centre also. There are even risqué restaurants that will have their waiters serve you your fresh fish and barbequed meat in maid fancy dress uniforms. Most people might think they are undercover strippers but they are legitimate restaurant waiters just offering something a little different for those wanting to get their night off to a bang!

In the town centre once the night gets off to a start you can find a massive selection of clubs. Club sales people, normally the sexiest girls on the island dressed up in little red riding hood fancy dress will approach groups of intoxicated and by now, no longer innocent guys looking for encouragement and enticement with free drink and vodka shot offers. Along with their charms it is hard not to notice all the reps or travellers distributing flyers to anyone that looks like they care advertising themed 1980 fancy dress parties, or racing formula 1 themed nights requiring you to attempt to pull off a penelope pitstop fancy dress look by using whatever checked design clothes you packed in your suitcase when you arrived. You will without a doubt get fed up with these guys at some stage of your holiday. Try to ignore their cheesy bunny fancy dress attacks on you and remember that they are most likely out in Cyprus for the long haul, working on commission for the rich Greek club owners. Everyone needs to make a living right. A lot of them are up for a laugh anyway if you give them a chance.

Depending on what club you decide to go to each night you will find a variety of different nights and in particular music genres. Club Black and White which is one of the biggest clubs there concentrates on R & B music, some hip hop and has a variety of UK rap artists visiting the club. Let’s just say you will not find any seventies fancy dress inspired nights at this club. I find the club gets really packed and with the heat and crowds can be a little overwhelming. If like me you are looking for 60s and 70s fancy dress nights or the chance to wear that pretty little sailor fancy dress womens outfit you found in your local fancy dress shop for your holiday specifically, you will want to head down to Agia Napa’s number one disco fancy dress club, Carwash. The good news is that this club is fancy dress every night of the week so you will get your money’s worth out of your pretty little sailor girl fancy dress outfit. The bad news is that if you packed a generic superwoman fancy dress outfit thinking it would be popular you probably will stand out in this club like a blueberry. Club Carwash is predominantly 1960 and 1970 fancy dress. So anything that does not belong to that generation like pocahuntas fancy dress for example probably should not be attempted. Save that for next time! People actually travel miles from other parts of the island just to get kitted up in their 60s costumes. Whether you are just about old enough to be in the club or actually a parent from that generation, 1960s and 1970s fancy dress will always hold that special place in everyone’s memories. A time where anything went, people were happy and recreational and many of the greatest things in history happened during the 60s and 70s.

Another great club that you must visit when in Agia Napa is the Castle Club. This boasts being the largest club on the island. The drinks are cheap and the music is good. Pop and cheese music is the norm here and it attracts a really good crowd. I highly recommend this place. It can get very busy inside with the locals who tend to travel down to Agia Napa in the summer from other more industrial parts of the island. But every Thursday they have launched and new fancy dress night which I find deter the locals and leaves tonnes of space in the club for us holidaymakers to take over and dance the night away in our bizarre costume. I mean I have seen guys going completely overboard and turning up in their Kentucky fried chicken fancy dress outfits. I am talking literally turning up as a drumstick. Another popular choice at this club is navy fancy dress and royal fancy dress. This is an all time classic and some clubbers organised a drinking contest of who could drink more shots between the military costumes and the indian fancy dress costume bearers at the time. But honestly do not let me put you off this place, anything goes and you will blend in whether you are wearing bumble bee fancy dress or arabian nights fancy dress. So remember Thursday nights at Castle Club are a must.

Moving on, in general it is amazing to think of the array of costumes that I have seen people wearing out in Agia Napa. From guys in buzz lightyear fancy dress and Orange County convict fancy dress all the way to the other side of the spectrum and strolling around with their pints of beer in smurf fancy dress costumes or sleeveless golf fancy dress clothing. Everyone is just out to have a good time. So hurry up and get off your high horses in your showgirl fancy dress kit and start attracting those lads in western fancy dress cowboy vests. Let the fun begin ladies!

Now the funny thing about Agia Napa is that for all the abba fancy dress costumes and cave girl fancy dress outfits out here, I have never seen a fancy dress shop. Which makes me wonder where all these guys are getting there fireman fancy dress and disco clothes from. Surely they never packed them before they came out to Cyprus! So this is where I can help you guys. Not only have I given you a heads up that you will not be able to find your fancy dress roman outfits and cinderella fancy dress mini dresses out here, I am going to tell you where I get my costumes from.

I personally shop online at Forever Fancy a few weeks before I go away. Now they do not sell any fancy dresses for kids at all for all you caring parents out there, but their wide selection of fabulous outfits include greek goddess fancy dress, pirate costume outfits, cheerleader fancy dress, leprechaun fancy dress and my favourite, 70 s fancy dress. This particular 70s disco dress is like no other I have ever seen online or in any costume shops. The company has merged traditional fancy dress which I found was quite old fashioned and dated with current fashion styles inspired from the high street. What a find this company was for me and all my friends I recommended them to. They might not stock absolutely every costume known to man, for example cowgirl fancy dress and younger girls fancy dresses or any type of cowboy fancy dress outfits as they do no menswear at all but what they do stock makes up for these little missing touches.

Another popular favourite of mine are the disney characters fancy dress that are available. Princess Jasmine which also doubles up as a genie or Arabian nights outfit is ideal for any night out. Unlike male fancy dress, us ladies need guaranteed comfort throughout. These costumes are made of breathable mesh fabric and have an elastic waist and bust. As with any other outfit or 70s disco clothes you may choose to wear, they can all be coupled with high heels and a pretty clutch bag to make the most of Forever Fancy’s combination of old meets new. You will surely have all the guys on heat in your fabulous outfit. I only regret that Forever Fancy does not stock fancy dress for men. How cool would it be for us ladies to see the guys in an up to date lifeguard fancy dress style or shorts for that matter.

So what are your thoughts on everything I have mentioned? Have you made your mind up about Agia Napa being the next holiday destination for you and your friends? Will you go with a minnie mouse fancy dress outfit to take over the pebble streets of sunny Cyprus, or take my advice and pay a visit to Europe’s hottest eighties fancy dress club, the Car Wash? I cannot recommend enough that this fancy dress disco will not let you down. You will have a great night and give you the opportunity to doll yourself up in your sexy Forever Fancy disco outfit. Better still, why not have the last laugh on your friends and forget to tell them about the theme of the place being mostly 60s and 70s retro. Recommend they go as in cute arab fancy dress because Cyprus is so close to Asia or your male friends to have a laugh and turn up in gorilla fancy dress. Others could go in french maid fancy dress. They will surely be the centre of attention but in all honesty, Agia Napa is full of people having a good time, making the most of the weather and cheap beverages so whatever the outfit, everyone is guaranteed a memorable night.

For more articles on other destinations where you can find out more about my sixties fancy dress obsession be sure to check out some of my other articles by entering here. For all your 60s 70s fancy dress needs visit Forever Fancy for something that is not tacky and your run of the mill outfit. They stock some really lovely outfits in UK sizes. Maybe you will go with something a little more Madonna in their stunning 80s fancy dress womens styles.

Enjoy your holiday and remember to have a great time!