Greek Goddess Fancy Dress

Did you know?

Ever been sat in your greek goddesses fancy dress and wondered a little bit about actual real greek goddesses. Throughout the history of Greek mythology there have been quite a few Greek goddesses. Forget about the cool greek goddess accessories they wore and try to figure out why the majority of their names begun with the letter ‘A’. Now we all know about Aphrodite from the movies but the others were quite important in their own way too. You had:

  • Achelois
  • Alcyone
  • Alectrona
  • Amphitrite
  • Antheia
  • Aphaea
  • Astraea
  • Ate

Very few people that choose to wear fancy dress greek goddess outfits at Halloween or at a party consider or are aware that goddesses although immortal had imperfections and emotions that were far from perfect and this is a symbol of a strong and real woman. Most feminists probably do not even know this when thinking of goddess fancy dress. By selecting to go in greek goddess fancy dress you are not only showing the world that you can look immaculate when dolled up, similar to the immortality of a goddess, but you are also demonstrating that even a real beauty in grecian goddess fancy dress is human and vulnerable to the cruelties and difficulties of the real world.


Now nobody wants to be cruel but we do not like roman goddess fancy dress outfits here at Forever Fancy. We think a roman goddess costume is just copying a greek goddess costume.

So what should a greek goddess outfit include? Well for starters a stunning white greek goddess dress. We felt it very important to not only deliver on the traditional grecian goddess costume expectations, but merge the seriousness you would find in a roman goddess costume with the elegance and dovish curved silhouette expected of all good greek goddesses costumes. We know you love greek goddess outfits that stand out from the crowd, with exceptional quality that won’t fall apart during your night out. Our goddess halloween costume is designed in the UK by top fashion designers. The greek goddess halloween costume combines a gorgeous white draped dress with a gold shoulder strap. The greek goddess fancy dress costumes we compete against have nothing on our outfit. Be and feel special this Halloween. Couple the dress with the quality gold leaf head piece that is also included. Great prices, great value and look the best in the party!


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